Excerpts from Suite Life Movie

It’s a shame everyone has to sacrifice for the greater good – except me. My good is greater than the greater good.“

“I can feel that you’re right – man, I hate empathy.”

“Well, well, well, well, well, well, well.”
“That’s a pretty deep well.”

“Banned for life – theirs and mine.”

“It might be a matter of life or death.”
“Those are two very different outcomes.”

“Yes, let’s hide in the creepy old sawhill. And why don’t we bring some toddlers with us…”

“I could create a controlled society of peace.”
“Through violence?”
“No plan is perfect!”

“I would say to get your brain checked but the results would be empty.”

“You mean all that time I was wishing I could be you, you were wishing you could be me?”
“More than that, I was wishing we could be us.


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