Reasons Casino Royale (’60s spoof) is the best James Bond movie

1) The original 007 is chaste and uptight, but still has two women fall in love with him (who both join a nunnery)

2) “The Russians started it!” – Bond chides all the new agents for their gadgets

3) Woody Allen is Jimmy Bond, James’ nephew (‘I’m allergic to death…’)

4) James Bond starts training 007s to resist women!

5) Female James Bonds

6) Thai dancing

7) The bad guy mimes

8) Best evil plan ever:

“This germ will make all women beautiful and kill all men over 4 ft, 6.”
“So that’s your plan, a world full of beautiful women and men shorter than you.”

9) The chaotic final fight includes: Frankenstein’s monster, American aid as cowboys, bubbles, a black-and-white scene, and so on!


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