“Shake the Dust When You Leave From Here”: Denver Student Poet Morgynne T.

stare it down and shake the dust

what happens

when we create




who decides

who belongs?

these questions

still resonate

within the walls

of my heart

jeanne boland

my seventh

and eighth grade

humanities teacher

told me that i

was an activist

for  justice

told me

not to sink low in

my chair

when she said that.

to be proud

of being involved

of genuinely


i have realized

that when we embark

on the journey

to face history

it’s a two way mirror

and what you see


always be

what you get.

see i

never realized

i could make a change

until someone

told me

i feel too much

you see

my universe of obligation

is basically

as big as it can



it’s still expanding.

i figure

the more


my heart

reaches out to

the more i can

change the way

we think


each other

the other.


my heart

it has hands

more capable of touching

than these do

all because

my teacher told me

it’s okay to feel

to want to make a change

my change

my impact

will not be able to be seen

physically for a while

i will impact the way we


i want to make

us question

why we are here.

standing on solid ground

when never again

is really turning into again

and again.

tell me why there are

still concentration camp ghosts

that haunt holocaust survivors

tell me why women

in darfur

only have their

little children’s drawings

of janjaweed militia

to remember

where they

came from

why it was deemed okay

to reduce

a human being

to a tattooed number?

there are still survivors

not everybody

was a perpetrator

there were people saved by

those deemed

the enemy

not all Germans

wore the swastika

and not all of white America

gave a blind eye


we have not

faced history yet.

thanks to all you

beautiful people

that is changing.


it is still easier

to make a donation

to a little child

somewhere else

to say

you are an activist

but face the past

in the eyes


stare it down

tell it

not to show

its face in that

little child


because we

we have something

to bring us back up again

it is the act of taking action today.

and tomorrow.

it is said

that a combination

of many passion-filled


being upstanders

have the potential

to make a change


have a conversation

with that woman

at the bus stop

or that man you work with,

but don’t really know

dialogue is the key to


what’s inside each of us

what we need to motivate


to keep going

shake the dust

when you leave from here

and stand up to the face

of our



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