Lowey Calls for Education For All

Lawmaker Introduces Bipartisan

Education For All Act to Expand School Access,

Close Gender Gap in Education


WASHINGTON – Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-NY) today introduced the bipartisan Education For All Act to expand school access worldwide and close the gender gap in education.

 “Helping children worldwide have access to a basic education is critical to our national security and our global leadership,” said Lowey.  “Education helps build more stable societies that can reject fanaticism, grow economically, and partner with the United States.  At a time when winning hearts and minds has never been more important, promoting basic education is among the wisest investments we can make for our security, economy, and standing around the world.”

 Today at least 67 million children of primary school age – more than half of whom are girls – are not in school.  Tens of millions of school-age children who start primary school drop out, and millions more are denied a secondary school education.

 The Education For All Act would place the United States in a leadership role in enhancing access to education worldwide by:

  •  Ensuring a continuum of education services for children in conflict and other emergencies;
  •   Focusing on strategies for reaching the most disadvantaged children – girls who live in poor, remote areas; child laborers; those with disabilities; victims of sex trafficking; and children who are orphaned or negatively impacted by the HIV/AIDS virus;
  •  Supporting activities to train teachers, build schools, develop effective curricula, and increase access to school lunch and health programs; and
  •  Calling on the President to develop a comprehensive strategy to meet the goal of education for all.

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