Song of Myself – circa 2004, my senior year of High School

Sometimes I feel

My skin

Is outside of me

An ornamental cage

Richly gilded

And amazingly flexible

Responding to

Half formed thoughts

Whispers of emotions

Deep within

The chasms of my mind


But it is not me

Only echoes

Of deepness

That is me


The clothes I wear

The words that spill

Sometimes without proper check

The features that I cannot change

The work that forms

From my wandering fingertips


It is not me

And yet I am always

And only

Intensely me


Sometimes I hide

And keep the words in

That reveal the deeper

Parts of me

Perhaps out of fear

Of offending another’s


Though usually not

Sometimes out of realization

Of the futilely

Of sharing myself

With those who wouldn’t



That I’m not

Simply what they perceive







So many words to describe

How much of one

There is


We are so much more

Yet infinitely less

Than we ourselves

Think and know


A paradox perhaps in making

Humans more complex

Than they could understand


But I am always me


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