It is the Holy Spirit’s job to convict, God’s job to judge, and my job to love.

Billy Graham  (via symphosanna)

Maryam al Khawaja – journalist and Head of Foreign Relations for Bahrain Center for Human Rights

not get world’s attention – have to use social media to keep in world’s eye

world media stop covering – follow Twittr and find out what really going on

“Youth always reach for the impossible”

older used to regime (can’t change)

not about economics, it’s about dignity

mind shift – ‘it’s about fear’

“Once the fear barrier is broken, there’s no going back.”

“We refuse to be slaves…versus citizens with human rights.”

‘I’ve been said to be a CIA agent, a Moussad agent… there are a lot of gov’ts out there that owe me a lot of money and they need to pay’

even media covering/trying to help, identifying conflict as sectarian vs. oppressed and oppressor

nothing to do with religion/ethnicity, but loyalist (to government) or not


thought after crackdown, one move of the gov’t that keep people home, but next day even larger protests

put trust and confidence in youth – willing to go to the front lines and fight for what they want

“We’re the ones who started this and we’re still here.”

“When you exclude anybody anywhere, you radicalize them. When you include them, they’re forced to be part of the process.”

Brett Pierce, Co-Executive Producer and former Sesame Workshop Producer

Value of curriculum-based entertainment and impact:

‘mother’ – Sesame Street (most researched): higher scores on numeracy & literacy, read more, value more academic achievement, sophisticated social skills, value diversity -> foundation

dev. process – right content producers, target audience, entertainment producers -> robust product

meet w/Iraqi youth workers

‘what is the need?’ ‘what’s going on on the ground?’, 2009 (youth: neglected, damaged, fearful of political parties, ‘policeman embedded in their own soul’)

goal: give the kids a voice (marginalized, not heard)

decide against top-down, bottoms-up (not just user-generated content – structure)

structure to unleash voice (guide)

“I am a person now. I have my own self-existence.” (female)

ask gov’t: ‘What have you done for me?’

something inside that can’t express -> expression

energy is from the kids themselves

On gender relations:

pushing envelope with gender relations

away from parents – first time gender mixes