Lethal Weapon 4

Does trouble just go looking for you?”
“No, it seems to know pretty much where I am most of the time.



A mouse diced with death when it stole some food from under the nose of a leopard at the Santago Rare Leopard Project in Hertfordshire.

Instead of pouncing on the mouse, the 12-year-old African leopard, called Sheena, simply watched as it fed on scraps of meat thrown into its enclosure.

At one stage she tried to nudge the mouse away with her nose, but the mouse carried on eating regardless.


Frasier, “Mother Load”

I know you’re upset, Mum, but it’s not like you and Dad had a perfect marriage.“
“That’s because there’s no such thing! You young modern people think marriage is some sort of promenade through paradise, when it’s more like a march through Hell with a man strapped to your back and a litter of nasty babies swinging from your teats!


Frasier: And Dad, I hope you know I love you. Even at your most difficult.
Martin: Well I love you too, Son, even when you treat me like a child.
Roz: Frasier bosses everyone around. It’s just his way.
Frasier: Well, perhaps if people behaved more competently, I wouldn’t be so bossy.
Martin: Maybe you wouldn’t be so bossy if you didn’t always focus on how everybody else behaves.
Roz: That’d be the day.
Frasier: Yes, well, maybe that’s because human behavior is my profession.
Martin: Well, you can take a day off once in a while.

Frasier, Rooms with a View

Niles: Maybe it’s time to back down.
Frasier: I’m not sure that I can. I am right, after all. My principles are holding me captive.
Niles: Your principles may have started this, but it’s your rigidity that’s kept it going.
Frasier: My rigidity? The rigid ones are the ones who operate this garage, and enforce such inflexible policies.
Niles: You’ve been given more than one opportunity to leave without paying!
Frasier: Yes, but that’s not the point! They have to know why I won’t pay.
Niles: Which you could explain in a letter! But no, you won’t be satisfied until everyone either agrees with you, or has suffered for failing to! [Pause.]
Frasier: Do you really think so?
Niles: I do.
Frasier: Well… that’s quite an indictment. I never really thought of myself as uncompromising. Well, not in a bad way. I’m not sure I like this side of myself.
Niles: Well, you can still change course. If you can leave here without getting your full twenty minutes’ worth, you’ll be the bigger person for it.
Frasier: Yes, but then these taunting motorists won’t know that I’m being the bigger person. They’ll think they’ve gotten the better of me, or that I’m afraid to be arrested.
Niles: The bigger person doesn’t worry about what other people think.
Frasier: Damn! [sulky] I DO want to be the bigger person, it’s just so hard!

Niles: Frasier, you are not a prisoner of your character. You can decide right now that you’re going to be the flexible one here. Pay the money, and go!
Frasier: I could break my pattern.
Niles: Yes!
Frasier: I could just pay the money, without proving to everyone that I’m right, without teaching them a lesson.
Niles: Exactly! You can do it!

Frasier, Enemy at the Gate