Just found out of 1,240 internships listed on Washington Post – only 5 were paid.

-shudder- I hate this job market…


Just spent an hour-and-a-half ‘discussing’ moral legislation with a Libertarian. Now at least I know for certain why I disagree with this philosophy…

My new Internship

Welcome to Internews!

You are joining an amazing, global organization at an auspicious time.  Our mission, to Empower Local Media World Wide, has never before been as immediately valued as fundamental to successful development strategy.

“By giving voice and visibility to all people—including and especially the poor, the marginalized and members of minorities—the media can help remedy the inequalities, the corruption, the ethnic tensions and the human rights abuses that form the root causes of so many conflicts.”


You are joining more than 500 Internewsers across this beautiful planet.  Whether you work in a business support role in Arcata or a programmatic role in Chad, each employee equally contributes to Internews’ core functions:  Building Media Infrastructure, Advocating for Media Law and Policy, Strengthening Financial Viabilityof the Media Sector, Training and Mentoring Media Professionals, Producing Quality News and Information, and Improving Coverage of Vital Issues.

You are joining an organization that values:

The Power of Information: We believe that free flowing, locally produced and editorially independent news and information has the power to transform lives and enrich communities.

Journalistic Integrity: We uphold the values of journalistic independence and professional ethics in our work, in our organization and with our funders.

Innovation: Working in some of the most difficult environments around the world, Internews pioneers applications of new technologies for development.

Persistence: We recognize that social progress involves a commitment to long-term engagement, flexibility in approach.

Song of Myself – circa 2004, my senior year of High School

Sometimes I feel

My skin

Is outside of me

An ornamental cage

Richly gilded

And amazingly flexible

Responding to

Half formed thoughts

Whispers of emotions

Deep within

The chasms of my mind


But it is not me

Only echoes

Of deepness

That is me


The clothes I wear

The words that spill

Sometimes without proper check

The features that I cannot change

The work that forms

From my wandering fingertips


It is not me

And yet I am always

And only

Intensely me


Sometimes I hide

And keep the words in

That reveal the deeper

Parts of me

Perhaps out of fear

Of offending another’s


Though usually not

Sometimes out of realization

Of the futilely

Of sharing myself

With those who wouldn’t



That I’m not

Simply what they perceive







So many words to describe

How much of one

There is


We are so much more

Yet infinitely less

Than we ourselves

Think and know


A paradox perhaps in making

Humans more complex

Than they could understand


But I am always me


So I just found out that not only are we moving toward using electronic files, but it is effective immediately. This means that the over 100 folders, which cost over $500 and took me over a day to move & label, are now just space wasters.


So the human resources person just pulled me out of my cubicle – apparently the president of the company saw me, didn’t recognize me, and wanted to be introduced! (She wasn’t even sure if it was me, but this is a relatively medium-sized company, just under 100 in DC) So she walks me over, reassuring me that it’s not a big deal – I’m hard to freak out, so her reassurances had like the opposite affect.

So I’m escorted into the office and I small-talk with the president of the company. (I managed to put in a plug that I wanted to work here long-term!) And that was that.

I think part of the reason he noticed me was the fact I’m all dressed up when it’s casual Friday, which of course no one told me…